Early Start To No Avail

Today I was at Morpeth for the 06:38 to London, changing at Newcastle to the faster “Flying Scotsman” to get me into the capital at 09:40. Sadly that was not to be. A failed train at Grantham meant we were terminated at York, and transferred to none other than the 06:38 from Morpeth from which I had alighted 2 hours or so previously. We eventually arrived into London 90 minutes late. Not a criticism, these things happen from time to time and can equally happen on the road network. But some attempt to look after customers, such as complimentary refreshments might have been nice. Yes, we’ll get Delay Repay – but that will go to the company that purchased the tickets. The return journey was without incident except that I was surprised when, after changing at Newcastle, waiting at platform 5 for the 20:20 Northern, as indicated on the CIS, a shiny LNER Azuma pulled in. Had Northern upgraded their rolling stock at long last? Sadly not, just another CIS error. But pity those passengers less savvy than me who might have joined the wrong train and no doubt found themselves in Heaton Depot.

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