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2021 The Williams-Shapps Plan: A Rail Campaigner's View
Following publication of the government white paper in May 2021 setting out the end of rail franchising in the UK and the new arrangements going forward, SENRUG Chair Dennis Fancett was asked to write an article for the European Passenger Federation (for which he is also Railfuture's delegate). Read the original text here.
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2019 The Grip That Strangles Innovation
SENRUG Chair Dennis Fancett’s article on the problems with Network Rail’s Project Management Process (known as “GRIP”) was published in Rail Magazine (edition 891) in November 2019 under the title “The Grip That Restricts Innovation and Rail Re-openings”. Read the original text here
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2019 Schools Artwork at Stations
In 2019, SENRUG secured funding from Northern Railway’s Seed Corn Fund for two local schools to create artwork at their local stations. Newminster School’s work is now at Morpeth station whilst Cragside CofE Primary School’s work is at Cramlington.
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2016 USA West Coast By Amtrak
In May 2016, SENRUG Chair Dennis Fancett travelled the entire length of the US West Coast by Amtrak. Read his account of the journey, and understand why his verdict is that those that travel on long distance trains in Europe “have never had it so good”.
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2014 Schools Competition - DVD on Business Case For Re-Opening ABT
In Spring 2014, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Closure of the Ashington Blyth & Tyne Line to passenger services, SENRUG organised a competition amongst local schools to create a 7 to 10 minute DVD setting out their business case for re-opening the line.
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2011 Morpeth to Grindlewald By Train
SENRUG Chair Dennis Fancett travelled from Morpeth to Grindlwald then by Mountain Railway through the Eiger to the top of the Jungfrau, and checked out how integrated transport Swiss style really does work.
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2008 Ashington Blyth & Tyne Charter
On 7th June 2008, and with sponsorship from Go Wansbeck and massive support from Northern Rail, SENRUG chartered a train from Northern Rail which made 3 journeys round the Ashington Blyth & Tyne line as far as Ashington. The charter was a pivotal moment in the progress of our campaign.
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2008: Newcastle to Nimes By Train
Read SENRUG Chair Dennis Fancett’s account of travelling from Newcastle (well, Cramlington actually) to Nimes in France by train. What went well ... and what could be improved.
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Morpeth "Then and Now"
Read former SENRUG Deputy Chair’s John Earl’s description of how Morpeth used to be in yesteryear.
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History of the Blyth & Tyne Line
The Ashington Blyth & Tyne line that SENRUG wants to see re-opened to passenger trains started life as part of the Blyth & Tyne Railway, which was incorporated
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History of SENRUG
How we started, who has helped us, and what we’ve achieved.
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