ECML May 2022 Timetable Implementation Deferred.

News was received today that the implementation of the disastrous Est Coast Main Line timetables for May 2022 has been deferred for at least a year, whilst the industry takes a fresh look at a range of issues, including the responses received to the public consultation. The timetable was in fact rejected by stakeholder groups across the length of the line, though intriguingly this was not given as the primary reason for the deferral. So SENRUG is delighted, but not complacent, as the word “scrapped” has not been used, and we must be vigilant against similar proposals being re-submitted a year down the road. SENRUG’s own opposition to the plans, along with the changes we requested, can be found in our response to the consultation here.

2 thoughts on “ECML May 2022 Timetable Implementation Deferred.”

  1. Well done Dennis. Thank you for your comments. I had seen the e-mail from LNER presumably sent to me as I responded to the consultation. Your comments are well appreciated especially the warning beware the possibility of the same proposals being re-tabled in one year.

  2. And ScotRail are now just consulting on their May 2022 timetable; proposals which do not mention Reston at all; the East Coast consultations had vague suggestions that ScotRail & TPEx might serve it – it looks like an attempt to confuse & kick the can down the road.

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