Morpeth Set to Lose LNER Off-Peak Services

It’s not looking good. A new version of the ECML timetable has surfaced – this time scheduled for implementation from December 2024. SENRUG hasn’t been given a copy, but we’re told there are no substantive changes to the earlier 2021 proposals as far as Morpeth and Alnmouth are concerned. These proposals were universally rejected by local stakeholders including politicians from across all the parties. But, with a classic “divide and rule tactic”, a few concessions are made further south, for instance improvements to the Durham Coast line, and essentially the same proposals are re-presented, but this time with no further consultation. We know colleagues at the County Council are trying furiously to fight these proposals but no joy so far. So 20 years worth of SENRUG campaigning for improvements in long distance train services at Morpeth – which have seen the station return to a bustling transport hub – could be undone. See the SENRUG Press Release here.

2 thoughts on “Morpeth Set to Lose LNER Off-Peak Services”

  1. If the December 2024 timetable exists then it should contain the Newcastle – Ashington services. Have these also “surfaced”?

    1. Yes, we are told the new ECML timetable (of which we have not seen the detail) does include the Northumberland Line train paths. We are keen to see the timetable for the Northumberland Line, but Northern are not willing to share it with us as yet.

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