Boris Resigns – What Now For The Northumberland Line?

I’ve heard it said that the day after the Titanic sank, the headline in Aberdeen’s Press and Journal newspaper was “Aberdonian Man Lost At Sea”. It would be similarly parochial in the extreme to be thinking the fate of The Northumberland Line is uppermost on people’s minds as the search for a new Prime Minister begins. Nevertheless, it is a question we at SENRUG must ask. On the one hand, with the TWAO recently signed, work continues apace – indeed seems to have accelerated in the last few days. On the other hand, only £34m of the estimated total of £168m needed for the scheme has been publicly announced. Boris himself seemed to be keen on big projects – busses, bridges – you name it, whereas some of those wishing to take over his job appear more focussed on controlling the increasing mountain of public debt, and may wish to reign back on public spending. We’re also worried that the caretaker mode of government – until a new Prime Minister is installed, might negatively impact release of further funds in the required timescale. Do we have a problem? We at SENRUG don’t know as yet, but sincerely hope this project, so close to the finishing line, is permitted to continue as planned.

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