Boris In Town

Boris was in town today. I actually got wind of the fact there would be “A Big Announcement in Blyth” last night, and so for a moment, I hoped it would be the one we’re waiting for re The Northumberland Line. Sadly, not today it seems. (And yes, I know Cambois, the site of the announced intended huge Britoishvolt factory is actually in Wansbeck – but despite our frustration on the lack of firm commitment to the railway, let’s not overlook today’s Britishvolt announcement is nevertheless excellent news for the whole region). But congratulations to ITV Tyne Tees journalist Richard Moss who, (and this is speaking from memory of this evening’s local news clip) managed to pin the Prime Minister down: “You could announce the railway re-opening today, couldn’t you?”. To which the PM replied: “You’ll have to contain your enthusiasm for another few days”. So, it really does sound imminent. Maybe Boris will pop back up in a day or so to sweeten the tablet of a possible no deal gloom. Meanwhile, it is the season of Advent – waiting!

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  1. In addition to the Britishvolt factory announcement, the proposed Northumberland Line Bedlington Station, together with a coordinated shuttle bus service, could be available to transport many of those three thousand Britishvolt employees.
    There is even the possibility of a passenger rail line between Marcheys House Junction and Cambois!

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