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Northern Train approaching Morpeth. Dave Shaw.

SENRUG – The South East Northumberland Rail User Group – is a voluntary organisation that promotes rail travel and campaigns for better rail services in, within, to, from and through South East and East Northumberland, representing the interests of both existing and potential rail travellers in the area.

By ‘potential’, SENRUG means those who would use rail services if only the trains went where they want to go, at the time they want to go, at a price they can afford, and in a clean, safe, secure, accessible and easy to understand manner.

Please look through our website to find out more about our current campaigns and how we pursue them. Use the Contact button below to let us know if you agree or advise us of ideas of your own.

The more people we speak for, the louder our voice is heard. If you support our objectives, we invite you to add your voice to ours and join SENRUG, to help us achieve our campaigns and develop new ones.

SENRUG has been campaigning for the re-opening of the Ashington Blyth & Tyne Line, now known as The Northumberland Line, linking Newcastle to Ashington, since March 2005. Go to our Ashington Blyth and Tyne Campaign Page to find out details of what we propose, and the scheme now being delivered by Northumberland County Council, or visit our AB&T Campaign History Page which gives key milestones throughout the campaign’s 17 year history. But SENRUG is not a single issue campaign group, and you can check out our other campaigns and the progress we are making on our Campaigns Index page here.


Timetable Fears: Once again we find ourselves fighting the planned new ECML timetable, first proposed but then withdrawn following massive rejection from local stakeholders in 2021, but now back – we’re told with no substantive changes for Morpeth and Alnmouth, and with no further consultation. This means Morpeth could lose its off-peal LNER services, Alnmouth and Berwick would see services reduced and the local Northern service would terminate at Newcastle and not run through to MetroCentre, Hexham and Carlisle. SENRUG continues to fight these plans. See the SENRUG Press Release here

Morpeth Station Bus 436:  Whilst the bus no longer calls at the bus stop in the station bus turning circle, we are advised by the County Council it will still stop in Coopies Lane outside the station on a “hail and ride” basis. Stand on the station side of the road for buses to the Coopies Lane industrial estate, Hepscott and Stannington, and on the other side of the road for buses to the town centre and bus station. Times are available here. And please let us know of your experience in trying to board or alight from the bus at the station. SENRUG continues to campaign for a much more frequent bus service at Morpeth station, and also for regular buses to Cramlington station’s turning circle too. Bonus Quiz question: Look at the bus timetable at the link above, click on “show all stops” and then think: how many years ago did the Little Chef restaurant at the end of Stannington Station road close down?


Website and Newsletter printing costs (2019-2024) funded by contributions from Ashington, Blyth, Cramlington and West Bedlington Town Councils, East Bedlington & Pegswood Parish Councils and Seaton Valley Community Council.


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