Press Releases

Keeping the press advised of what we are doing is a very important part of SENRUG’s work. A selection of recent Press Releases are below; click on the link to download as a pdf document.

Members of the press wanting SENRUG’s response, comments or input on a news item who do not already hold direct contact details should contact the Chair via our Contact Us page. We will respond as quickly as we can.

23rd July 2023
“Stations Need Staff” Declares SENRUG

6th March 2023

02 Dec 19

Rail Transformation at Morpeth

07 Oct 19

Support For Ashington Rail Re-opening

25 July 19

Another Northern Station Gets Artistic Makeover

27 June 19

Newminster Art Adorns Morpeth Station

29 May 19

SENRUG Secures Funding For Berwick Rail Feasibility Study

26 Oct 18

SENRUG Welcomes Rail Expansion Expert to Northumberland

17  Aug 18

SENRUG Blasts DfT Cross Country Proposals

01 Dec 17

Another Award For Local Campaign Group

24 Nov 17

Get Ready For Massive Boost In Train Services

06 Dec 16

Morpeth Train Boost Bonzanna Starts This Weekend

08 Oct 16

SENRUG Welcomes Yet More Inter-City Trains to Morpeth

12 Sep 16

Campaign For North Sea Coast Rail Service Launched

05 Sep 16

Morpeth Gets Train Boost Bonzanna

26 May 16

Double First For Morpeth As Yet More Rail Services Are Promised

25 Apr 16

“Pay More – Get Less” As Virgin Cuts Key Morpeth Train

18 Jan 16

SENRUG Welcomes Rail North Director to Northumberland

09 Dec 15

SENRUG Delighted As Morpeth Wins Direct Rail Services to Leeds Manchester & Liverpool from 2019

12 Oct 15

SENRUG Delighted At Ashington Blyth & Tyne Rail Re-Opening Progress

14 Sep 15

SENRUG to Hold Local Community Meetings

07 Sep 15

SENRUG Launches 2 New Campaigns For Newcastle Morpeth Railway

01 May 15

SENRUG Deplores New Charges For Station Parking

13 Mar 15

SENRUG Welcomes First Group Bid To Run 5 Trains Daily Morpeth to London

19 Dec 14

Schools Competition Winners Present Railway Proposals to MP at Parliament

14 Aug 14

SENRUG Calls For Bold Improvements to Local Rail Services.

01 July 14

SENRUG Hosts National Rail Journalist and Commentator at Public Meeting.

22 Apr 14

Alarm As New East Coast Franchise Fails To Protect Vital Morpeth Services

10 Mar 14

Calling All Schools: Competition to Profile Rail Re-Opening Campaign.

02 Jan 14

SENRUG Awarded Highly Commended Status For Best Campaign Group.

10 Jun 13

SENRUG Delighted as Council Commits to Ashington Rail Re-Opening Cost Study.

10 Sep 11

McNulty MisGuided Says SENRUG

15 Feb 11

SENRUG Delighted As Morpeth Hits Eureka Jackpot

13 Apr 10

SENRUG Fears For Inter-City Services at Morpeth

01 Mar 10

SENRUG Organises Political Debate