How We Campaign & What We’ve Achieved

SENRUG meeting with 2010 parliamentary candidates - John Brierley


SENRUG seeks to work constructively with Rail Industry Companies (the Train Operating Companies and Network Rail), Statutory Authorities (County Council, Regional groups, Regeneration Agencies and Town or Parish Councils), Elected Representatives (Councillors, MPs and MEPs), and other pro-rail groups and passenger organisations.

SENRUG seeks to put forward suggestions and recommendations that are credible, logical and commercially viable, so we are taken seriously and our voice is listened to by people of influence. We don’t simply want to complain (though are not afraid to when circumstances justify), but want to say what can be done to make things better.

We can help Train Companies by letting them know what’s happening on the ground in this region and also explain their side of the story to local passengers.

In very limited circumstances we can do things ourselves. We have erected coach boards (saying whereabouts on the platform a particular coach on an inter-city train will stop) and signage for the lifts at Morpeth Station for the benefit of passengers because we believe the absence of such signs was unacceptable but easy to fix. We have made a small donation for bedding plants at Morpeth Station.


In practice:

- We attend meetings organised by Rail Industry Companies, Statutory Authorities and Passengerfocus.
- We send emails and letters to appropriate bo
- We invite senior managers to meet us and take up issues of concern
- We respond to consultations on rail services that affect this region
- We keep up a close relationship with the regions MPs and other elected representatives
- We work closely with the press to ensure our campaigns remained profiled in the public eye


What We’ve Achieved

Here are some things SENRUG has campaigned for which have now been achieved. Some are modest whereas others are significant improvements. However, we’re not complacent and there is still much more we want to achieve for South East Northumberland

- CrossCountry trains now stop at Morpeth (3 trains each way per day)
- All local trains throughout the day now call at Manors (benefits commuters who work irregular hours)
- Clockface departures (trains at same minutes past the hour) throughout the day for local services
- Doubling of peak hour East Coast trains at Morpeth – Passengers from Morpeth can now arrive in London an hour earlier, and leave an hour later.
- Level access to both platforms at Morpeth (through Customer Lifts)
- Customer Information System (CIS) Screens at Morpeth giving next train information
- Car park extension at Morpeth Station
- Northumberland County Council now committed to Re-opening Ashington Blyth & Tyne line, and has completed GRIP 1 stage with Network Rail.
- PA announcements at Morpeth (remotely controlled)
- Customer Information System (CIS) Screens coming soon at Cramlington
- Newcastle – Cramlington – Morpeth service to get evening and Sunday trains soon.


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