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  • Response to Northumberland County Council Northumberland Public Transport Strategy 2011-2016 – Consultation Draft


    (Comments required by 31st January 2012)

    Comments from SENRUG, The South East Northumberland Rail User Group

    Submitted on 23 January 2012
    Issue 2, submitted on 6th February 2012

    Author: Dennis Fancett, Chair, SENRUG

  • Participate in the next BBC documentary


    Keo Films have asked us to circulate the following note to our members and other train users:

    Keo Films is making a programme for BBC1 to be broadcast in January to coincide with the fare increases. We are very keen to make contact with as many rail passengers as possible so we can record their experiences, monitor rail performance by both the train operators and Network Rail.

    We are looking for people who are willing to take part in our nation wide experience. If you are interested please email and we will be in touch.

    SENRUG adds:

    Often, documentaries such as this have an unduly negative slant because only those with negative experiences of rail travel volunteer to participate. It is important therefore that those who have a positive experience with no particular difficulties also volunteer so the programme makers have opportunity to give a balanced position and rail travel is not always seen in a poor light.

  • Public Meeting, Morpeth town Hall, 11th March


    Here’s a poster for our forthcoming spring meeting which takes the form of a hustings featuring the three parliamentary candidates for Wansbeck.

    You are unlikely to get a better chance to size up the possible future shape of the nation, so why not come along and find out what they intend to do for the railways locally and nationally?

    We would be grateful if you would take the opportunity to publicise in your workplace, local shops or anywhere you can do so. We hope to see you there!

  • Comments on draft East Coast Main Line "SLC2" Timetable


    Relating to Provision of Inter-City type Rail Services at Morpeth Station

    Eureka homepage

  • Tornado on the ABT!


    Hot on the heels of the last announcement about the NELPG tour comes the news that Tornado is going to come round the Blyth and Tyne on 24th April!

    Run by Pathfinder tours, it is called the Tees-Tyne Express, and apparently it cannot go round the coast to Middlesbrough because of problems with steam on or near the Metro lines, so instead it will stop at Newcastle for some to disembark while those who wish go on round to Morpeth and back (no stops I think).

    At present there are no plans to sell tickets from Newcastle as the train is filling up fast despite not having been advertised yet properly. They should know about whether there are spare seats for the ABT about a month before. Should be a fine sight anyway, and another feather in the cap for the ABT – apparently this is the last time in the North for Tornado for some time, as it is to work out of London for a while after this.

  • Blyth Spirit


    Exciting news!

    NELPG (The North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group) are running a trip round the Ashington Blyth and Tyne on May 8th.

    This is an advance on earlier tours in that the engine, K1 class 2-6-0 no.62005, actually worked on the old Blyth and Tyne and was shedded at Blyth.

    The train is scheduled to visit North Blyth, and then will go on up to Ashington hauled by diesel, and possibly to Lynemouth.

    Tickets are £60 from Skipton, but I do not know whether they will be available from Newcastle – further details on the NELPG website.

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