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Northern Train approaching Morpeth. Dave Shaw.

SENRUG – The South East Northumberland Rail User Group – is a voluntary organisation that promotes rail travel and campaigns for better rail services in, within, to, from and through South East Northumberland, representing the interests of both existing and potential rail travellers in the area.

By ‘potential’, SENRUG means those who would use rail services if only the trains went where they want to go, at the time they want to go, at a price they can afford, and in a clean, safe, secure, accessible and easy to understand manner.

Please look through our website to find out more about our current campaigns and how we pursue them. Use the Contact button below to let us know if you agree or advise us of ideas of your own.

The more people we speak for, the louder our voice is heard. If you support our objectives, we invite you to add your voice to ours and join SENRUG, to help us achieve our campaigns and develop new ones.

Latest News

Emergency Timetables: As with all other parts of the economy, the rail industry is reacting to the impact of the Corona Virus shut-down. Because of train crew staff either being sick or obliged to self-isolate, all train operators have had to introduce emergency timetables with significantly fewer services. The government has instructed people not to travel apart from emergencies. Those train services that are running are to enable key workers to get to work or for other essential travel requirements. Additionally, LNER and CrossCountry have withdrawn all catering services (including first class) so those obliged to take longer journeys should take their own food and drink with them. Please adhere to the advice not to travel and leave room on the services that are running for key workers, and note that both train crew and passengers need space to observe the social distancing guidelines of keeping 2 meters apart. SENRUG has been advised British Transport Police have been deployed across the network and will be asking passengers their reason for travel.

If you have already bought tickets, operators have relaxed restrictions and in most cases are offering full refunds, even for those tickets where changes and cancellations are not normally permitted. Please go to the train operators’ website for details of how to apply.

Cramlington: SENRUG is concerned as to whether the reduced train service will adequately serve key workers from and to Cramlington. We have an opportunity to advise Northern of shift times at main key worker locations and any significant gaps in service. Northern can’t promise to plug every gap, but the information SENRUG provides will be considered. Please use SENRUG’s Contact Us page to advise of your journey requirements and the nature of your work, and SENRUG will pass that on to Northern.

Timetables & Refunds: Details of the train operators’ websites for emergency timetables and refund arrangements are here. Please note emergency timetables may vary as operators respond to changes in staff absence levels.


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