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Welcome to the SENRUG website.

Local train near Cramlington - John Brierley

SENRUG – The South East Northumberland Rail User Group – is a voluntary organisation that promotes rail travel and campaigns for better rail services in, within, to, from and through South East Northumberland, representing the interests of both existing and potential rail travellers in the area.

By ‘potential’, SENRUG means those who would use rail services if only the trains went where they want to go, at the time they want to go, at a price they can afford, and in a clean, safe, secure, accessible and easy to understand manner.

Please look through our website to find out more about our current campaigns and how we pursue them. Use the Contact button below to let us know if you agree or advise us of ideas of your own.

The more people we speak for, the louder our voice is heard. If you support our objectives, we invite you to add your voice to ours and join SENRUG, to help us achieve our campaigns and develop new ones.

Friday 28th April RMT Strike: No Northern Trains will be running on the Chathill – Morpeth – Newcastle line. Rail tickets valid on Arriva busses instead. Passengers can also use Virgin and CrossCountry non-stop trains between Morpeth and Newcastle, and CrossCountry are stopping some extra trains at Morpeth. The complete Morpeth – Newcastle timetable is as follows: 

From Morpeth to Newcastle: 06:37, 07:11, 08:15, 11:20, 13:19*, 15:15, 16:20*, 17:17, 18:22*, 19:56, 20:57, 22:38, 23:37. 

From Newcastle to Morpeth: 07:35, 08:40, 09:35*, 10:35*, 12:43, 14:35, 15:37*, 16:43, 17:37*, 19:45, 20:36, 21:40, 22:42

* Denotes CrossCountry service making an additional stop at Morpeth

The separate strike on Virgin Trains has been called off. Virgin Trains will be running as normal. Limited service running on some other Northern routes, see for details.

Information given in good faith, no responsibility accepted for any inaccuracy or error

More busses at Morpeth Station bus turning circle: Service S1 has now been augmented by Service T1C, also operated by P C L Travel and subsidised by Northumberland County Council.

From Bus Station to railway station – Mon – Sat only: 08:40 (S1), 09:40 (T1C), 11:35 (S1), 11:40 (T1C), 13:40 (T1C), 14:05 (S1), 16:40 (T1C), 17:05 (S1), 18:00 (S1).

From Railway Station to Bus Station – Mon to Sat only: 09:35 (S1), 09:45* (T1C), 11:45* (T1C), 12:25 (S1), 13:45* (T1C), 14:50 (S1), 16:45* (T1C), 17:50 (S1). (* Services on route T1C run via Stobhill Grange and take 5 minutes longer)